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At Tropix we provide the cleanest, safest, and most potent cannabis products available on the market. Our strains are 100% organic and nothing but absolute fire, offering a variety of strains ranging from Hybrids, Sativas & Indicas, to high quality exotics. We carry a wide range of premium cannabis products in the form of delicious edibles, premium carts, high quality 3rd party lab tested CBD products, pre-rolls & more! Our only goal at Tropix is to provide safe products that you can rely on for all your needs, whether that’s your medicine or for having a good time.

Tropix edibles have been around for more than 10 years and are unlike any other edible on the market. Made with clean, unaltered medicine; we do not use any hydrocarbon extracted cannabinoids since we believe the best medicine comes from mother nature itself; UNALTERED. We use raw marijuana flowers for all our edibles & gummies, which leaves nothing but pure, safe & delicious THC gummies. Flavored with real fruit juice, every package contains 150MG of THC. We third party lab tested all products post production for purity, safety & potency to ensure we are providing the best possible medicine available

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