Tropix pre-rolls are hand made prerolls that are made with at least 1 gram of premium flower! We never use combined shake or low grade weed in our pre rolls! Select between indica, hybrid or sativa pre-rolls and know that you can trust that what we say is in them is actually in them! All of our pre-rolls are true to strain and true to strain type!

Our pre-rolls are always hand rolled by our professional San Diego budtenders. We take pride in offering the best quality prerolls in SD! So, if you’re looking for weed delivery San Diego and want to try out a variety of products, try Tropix cannabis today!

One of the best benefits is that it saves time. A pre-roll is a joint already rolled, ready to buy, and to start smoking. Not only does it save time, but it is also cost-effective. Purchasing from Tropix weed delivery SD means you buy it with peace of mind knowing how much and what strain of cannabis you are smoking.